My kids and I love Mickey Mouse so. My younger son takes Mickey to school in his bag or sometimes he (Mickey lah!) gets to ride in the car. The elder one is still keeping the first Mickey given to him by his granny when he was born. Sorry, no points for guessing which one it is from the photos below…

Mickey Mouse in blue pantsBaby Mickey Mouse wearing a bibBaby Mickey Mouse perched on top of couchBaby Mickey in brown"Papa" Mickey Mouse sitting on top of couch

In case you’re wondering, I got some of those Mickeys from a nice little blogshop called UFO Catch of the Day.

So, when it came to teach boy boy (sounding like Leticia here, ha ha) some singular and plural words, I chose Mickey as the theme to start with. With the English language having so many peculiarities and nuances, this approach turned out to be rather WittyCulus

Question: One mouse, many?
Answer: Mice.

Question: Next. One louse, many?
Answer: Lice.

Question: Alright. One house, many?
Answer: Gotcha, it’s houses, not “hice”!

The next example, though obviously simple, tripped up many adults. Have a good laugh if you unwittingly got tricked 😉

Question: One child, many?
Answer: Children.

Question: Ok. One chick, many?
Answer: Chicken! Oops, the correct answer is chicks, as chicken is what a chick grows into.

Oh well, English is sometimes weird, but it sure makes for fun learning. Especially if you throw in a sprinkle of wit!

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