Mark Heng | Mark Heng's Punny Wit Cite

  1. WittyCulus SD/TF Card Price Guide - A Handy Tool for Dealing on Carousell and More
  2. Carol of Selling: Insights Into Selling at Carousell -- It Starts with a Poem
  3. Shadow Banning -- When Pokemons Are Out There But You Won't See Them, It's Maddening
  4. I Started A Blog -- Sometimes, Words Don't Come Easy (aka Writer's Block)
  5. Under Attack? Singaporeans Gone Gaga Over Pokemon GO, Hit Gyms Fast -- My Theme Song
  6. STEADFAST: Such Tireless Effort Ardently Deployed For A Song Translation!
  7. Remark Became Kinda Denunciation - "Do You Know Who I Am?" Makes Waves
  8. Yearning for Buffet? Let This Punny Chinese Poem Drive You Hungry!
  9. Inspiration Overdrive Culminates in 2 Chinese Poems, One Punny and One Serious
  10. It's Startling! How a 9-Letter Word Becomes One By Successively Removing a Letter Each Time
  11. Singapore Durian -- WittyCulus Celebrates SD50c with a Tribute to Durian Lovers
  12. Parody -- A Song of Itself, in Itself (aka a Mini-Tutorial)
  13. Blog Free -- So, You Don't Have a Blog Yet?
  14. Anticipating Buying Abalone? Latest Offers Not Enticing!
  15. Spungry Is The Word That You Heard -- It's Here, Almost!
  16. No More Lonely Bites -- Makings of A Theme Song for Spungry?
  17. Old Words, New Meaning? NEWater Comes From Used Water
  18. No More Haze (Today) -- A ShavingGuiu Parody of Saving Gaia
  19. Singlish Primer -- It's Well Worth The Wait
  20. Supports Speaking Good English
  21. Singlish Primer -- Already In The Works
  22. Food Blog? One Small Step for Muk, A Giant Leap for Makan
  23. Singlish Primer -- One Got, and Then Some...
  24. Yin and Yang, aka Watercress and Fungus Soups -- Life Is About Balance
  25. Singlish Primer -- Have You Got What It Takes?
  26. Singlish -- Lesson One, Part Two?
  27. A Primer of SINGLISH (aka See I No Good, Lousy Ingerrish; So How?)
  28. Cai Shen Dao, Take 2
  29. Largest Prime Number Found, with 17,425,170 Digits!
  30. Upside-Down Chinese, Anyone?
  31. What's In A Name? Easy Does It...
  32. Golden Moment of 2012 -- Did You Catch It?
  33. Wont To Want To Want Too -- Special Moments Are Here Again...
  34. To Have Hair Is Human -- Hairy Situation, or What?
  35. Don't Go! A Lesson About Mindfulness?
  36. Acrostic Poem -- What's That? A Case of Not Knowing What's Known
  37. Punny, or What? A Reprise
  38. In Memory of Robin Gibb... A Video Montage by Barry Gibb
  39. In Memory of Robin Gibb...
  40. Days of the Week -- What's In a Name?
  41. Looking To Be Tickled, As I Am Wont To Do...
  42. Shift To New Gear In The New Year -- Post-Panda Contemplation?
  43. It's 20:12 -- New Year Came Early?
  44. You Can If You Wanna Be -- Online Dream reKindled?
  45. I Want, I Won, I'm #1 -- It's Time to Dream Big...
  46. Our Lady is Paymous -- Already Famous, Retake?
  47. Idea Comes And Me Wanna Go Home -- Hit by a Coconut?
  48. English In, Chinese Out
  49. Punny, or What?
  50. Tickled Pink, on Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  51. Tickled Pink, on Do-Re-Mi
  52. The Beauty of Perfect Numbers
  53. Random Riddles #2
  54. Visualizing Maths, the Pythagorean Way
  55. Pythagorean Triples -- Simple Yet Fascinating
  56. 5 Things on the CTE, or Acronyms Attack
  57. Random Riddles
  58. A Kid's Lesson in Singular & Plural Words?
  59. What is 1 + 1, Really?
  60. Jokes Galore -- Introducing "That's Comedy!"
  61. Can't Help Falling In Love -- An Investing Lesson?
  62. What's the First Bird on Earth?
  63. Really Rewarding: Rebecca's Rollicking Rhapsody -- Rapid Reading Required
  64. What's Wrong With Willie's Way With Words?
  65. Waiting For Google To Like Me -- Is the Google Sandbox Effect Real?
  66. Palindromes, Anyone?
  67. Get Our Rankings Back (I'll Be There) -- What Google's Panda Update Did to Internet Marketers
  68. Welcome, Have Fun!