I was mopping the floor and was thinking about stuff to take boredom away from this household chore. Couldn’t help it but think of my recent post on upside-down Chinese and an idea for Chinese shorthand. And then it struck: new lyrics for “Cai Shen Dao”…

Cai shen dao, Chinese characters for cai shen, written upside-down
He’s upside down looking like a clown
Chinese characters for ying cai shen (pinyin: ying cai shen), jie cai shen
Quick, lend your hand; turn him back around

May good fortune come your way, kachings fill your day
Earn big bucks when you sell online
Write a book and hit the big time

May all have happy returns
Cai shen dao, he’s here now
Count your blessings; good luck goes ’round

Here’s wishing all my blog visitors “Happy Chinese New Year”. And sincere wishes to my IM buddy on her latest venture — hey, where’s my abalone treat? Huat ah!

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