Sunday, August 2nd, was a special day. In one fell swoop, I wrote 90% of the lyrics for my latest song parody. The flow of thoughts that morning was splendidly smooth. What did I write about this round? As I [… more]

This thing has been going around in my head for the past few days: “Grease is the word, is the word that you heard…” Actually, I think I have hit upon an excellent idea to parody this hot late 1970’s [… more]

WittyCulus is at it again, parodying song lyrics. (My apologies that our Singlish Primer has taken a back seat since the haze started…) This time round, it’s a bit different and special: the words are inspired by and dedicated to [… more]

“Save My World, Save My World” — These words and the song’s tune keeps looping in the head. With the incessant promo on TV of this Saving Gaia song, one can’t help but being brainwashed. Luckily, I still have my [… more]

Breaking News!!! December 14th, 2011 Michelle Chong‘s debut film “Already Famous” has surpassed the million-dollar mark! Read all about it on Yahoo Entertainment Singapore — “Michelle Chong’s Already Famous grosses S$1.04 million“. Huat ah!!! Super congrats to Michelle. There’s no [… more]

Just now, I was singing the Do-Re-Mi solfege song (from The Sound of Music) to my son when inspiration struck on the second line. The first word on this line, “Ray”, reminded me of a friend who is getting married [… more]

There was this segment on our local radio show called “5 Things”. It was part of the morning programme at Gold 90.5FM, hosted by DJ Hamish Brown. Every weekday, Hamish would dish out five things about a particular topic, either [… more]

Hi, this is Mark Heng. Welcome to my website. First, I’d like to tell you what our domain name means. “Witty” is just as it suggests, while “culus” is a contraction of the word “oculus”, meaning an eye. [… more]