Now, I hardly write about people; much less anyone in the local scene. However, this “cross-over” TV artiste, who’d also sang, was seen getting considerable attention of both media and public. In the space of a few weeks, Rui En [… more]

It was Thursday, April 21st. The mind had been in a whirl for a while now, having started the day with 2 wickedly amusing lines (in Chinese!) playing in my head. So I shared them with my boy as we [… more]

So, that WittyCulus mind of mine went into creative overdrive during the past few days 🙂 Totally without warning! A flurry of fun ideas, witty thoughts and activities like online research, dictionary flipping and gym workouts — a bit on [… more]

The Chinese language can be hard to learn, in my opinion. But sometimes, those characters can evoke the simply obvious, like the example here. (Of course, I’ve added my WittyCulus spin on it, just for pun 🙂 ) 饮水思源 (Pinyin: [… more]

Queues! Queues! Queues! Everywhere you turn, it seems there is almost always a line of people… Wait a sec, this activity of waiting in line is recognized as a Singaporean past-time. Suddenly it all seems to be clearer, doesn’t it? [… more]

It’s been a while since I wrote Lesson Three of my Singlish Primer. Well, inspiration is not something you can force, and I do need it to generate WittyCulus ideas. I’m not going to let quality slip here, not on [… more]

“Then hor, I tell you — we go jalan after makan. Window shopping lah: look see only; got no money liao!” Does this make any sense to you? Don’t worry, it’s Singlish and quite easy to learn. Here goes… First, [… more]

“One dollar got; five dollar got…” Some of us might recall this TV ad of donkey years ago, where a male voice was heard spouting Singlish right on national TV. I can’t remember if it was a McDonald’s ad or [… more]

My friend, Rebecca, shared this video on her Facebook some time back: “Malaysian English: The Most Colourful English in the World”. It is funny and peppered with lots of localized English. After watching it, I was inspired to write something [… more]

I was mopping the floor and was thinking about stuff to take boredom away from this household chore. Couldn’t help it but think of my recent post on upside-down Chinese and an idea for Chinese shorthand. And then it struck: [… more]