Queues! Queues! Queues! Everywhere you turn, it seems there is almost always a line of people… Wait a sec, this activity of waiting in line is recognized as a Singaporean past-time. Suddenly it all seems to be clearer, doesn’t it? [… more]

It’s been a while since I wrote Lesson Three of my Singlish Primer. Well, inspiration is not something you can force, and I do need it to generate WittyCulus ideas. I’m not going to let quality slip here, not on [… more]

“Then hor, I tell you — we go jalan after makan. Window shopping lah: look see only; got no money liao!” Does this make any sense to you? Don’t worry, it’s Singlish and quite easy to learn. Here goes… First, [… more]

“One dollar got; five dollar got…” Some of us might recall this TV ad of donkey years ago, where a male voice was heard spouting Singlish right on national TV. I can’t remember if it was a McDonald’s ad or [… more]

My friend, Rebecca, shared this video on her Facebook some time back: “Malaysian English: The Most Colourful English in the World”. It is funny and peppered with lots of localized English. After watching it, I was inspired to write something [… more]

My kids and I love Mickey Mouse so. My younger son takes Mickey to school in his bag or sometimes he (Mickey lah!) gets to ride in the car. The elder one is still keeping the first Mickey given to [… more]