3.45 am. Hours after April Fool’s Day had ended. It happened!

That was 4 days ago. I had awaken in the middle of the night. Something was stirring in my head. No joke!

There’s no mistaking that WittyCulus feeling — it was a song parody playing up there. Or rather, I had a song title to work with…

Now, I’ve always believed the brain is a powerful thing. Whenever I had something I couldn’t solve soon enough, I’d relegate it to the background.

In software programming lingo, I “push it up the stack” into the grey matter above.

And almost without fail, a solution would be found. This may happen quickly; or it can take several days, going into weeks even. But ultimately, something would “pop off” — recognize the lingo? 🙂

At times, the background task — I promise this will be the last tech term! — will simply time out (oops, what did I just say?)… and the case is then closed with no answer.

So, what title and whose song did I dream about parodying?

Actually I’d already given you the parodied title. You can figure out the song in just one; two; maximum three; snaps of the fingers.

(Hint: It’s that epic signature song by one of the Bee Gees trio.)

Good Things Come In Threes, They Say

I’m not superstitious. Nor do I push my luck with inspiration.

But that early morning, two more song ideas followed the first one in quick succession. Here are the song titles in parody form:

  • I Just Gotta Get A Better Review
  • Feels Like Going Back To Build A Website

No coincidence that these two also play on songs by The Bee Gees — perhaps the brain chose the path of least resistance by staying on the same track.

So, nothing alarming as well that they all dwell on online stuff.

To be frank — I’d rather not, actually; I like being myself, lol — I’ve been meaning to start a special blog. My CPU (aka brain) must have picked this up and processed it.

The domain name for the blog has been registered last week. And I’d woven a subtle hint into my lyrics as to what I might be writing about. See if your mind is hyper-warped like mine to find it…

Fret Not, Writer’s Block Will Come… and Be Gone

I have pushed the later ideas back into the stack while I worked on the first song idea. Nothing of a breakthrough nature — I’m just letting the guy (or thing) up there do its job!

After three days or so, the “blog song” is done. Yay 🙂

I find the lyrics very amusing and am pleased that the overall feel of the original song is intact. If you sing it, you’d realize the phrasing and cadence sync well with this favourite Robin Gibb solo.

Enjoy this piece 🙂

I Started A Blog

I started a blog which started a whole lot of reading
But I didn’t cease, oh no — there’s work cut out for me, I know

I started to write; decided to use a pseudonym
For if I’m out of line — that was him, wasn’t me

I looked for a sign, drawing a blank in the mind’s eye
And I felt out of touch, cracking my head for words to be said

Till I finally typed; resorted to do curating
O-oh I do insist that this work’s not from me

I looked for a sign, drawing a blank in the mind’s eye
And I felt out of touch, cracking my head for words to be said

Now I’ve finally felt what really it takes to be writing
Oh my thought’s been on freeze: dreaded block writers fe-ar, no?
With the words that I se-e-k
Oh, oh, oh, I’ll let them speak


As usual, here’s a YouTube clip of Robin’s “I Started A Joke” for you to sing along with my parody.

You can read up on this chart topper at wikipedia — click this link.

Song Details

Title: I Started A Joke

Written by: Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb

Recorded by: Robin Gibb / Bee Gees

Released on: Polar Music (UK) and Etco (USA); 1968

Produced by: Robert Stigwood, Bee Gees

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