May 15 2011

I thought up these 2 riddles just for WittyCulus fun. The answers may not be immediately obvious, but once you know them you may think they were staring you in the face. See if you can crack them…

The Lee brothers, Arthur, Benjamin Charles and Jack the third, have been wooing their cousin, Mary, for years. It came time to choose the man she wanted to be with.

Question: Which one of the three brothers did Mary choose?

Answer: Mary Lee, she chose Benjamin Charles. That left one brother Lee, Jack 3rd and the other Arthur Lee disappointed.

Don’t get it? Read the answer again, this time as smoothly as you can…

In other words: Merrily, she chose Benjamin Charles. That left one brother dejected and the other utterly disappointed.

šŸ™‚ – šŸ™‚ – šŸ™‚ – šŸ™‚ – šŸ™‚

The patient was screaming in pain in the hospital room, so the doctor asked the nurse to administer a shot of painkiller.

Question: Why was the injection not given by the doc but the nurse?

Answer: Because she was poisonous (eh, “poison” nurse).

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