As many players all over the globe have discovered, Wordle can be an addictive game. If we can be honest, some of us are already hooked on Wordle!

Even though we get to play only one round of this word puzzle each day, somehow it does get to us.

Almost meaningless Wordle-style doodle?
Am . I . In . Too . Deep?

Well, at least it did get me interested enough… and now almost hopelessly engaged lol

Perhaps that scarcity aspect of restricted Wordle play is a really clever idea. A few minutes daily to wreck the brain ain’t too much to ask; yet fans might inadvertently begin to long for the next day’s mystery word!

I should know, right? 🙂

Now the Eyes and Brain See Things Wordle…

Yes, you can tell you’re hooked on Wordle when suddenly you are paying attention to words with 5 letters.

Never mind the incessant multitude of Wordle-gram shares on Twitter and related hashtags, with plenty appearing even when you Google search.

As if that’s not enough, each way you turn you are now more likely to be bombarded by ads with a Wordle slant. There seems to be no escape, is there?

Better yet, you start thinking about matrices of 5-letter words, forming a couple of them in the mind perhaps.

That’s exactly what happened to me yesterday at lunch — I made an observation and started tweaking up a real Wordle puzzle (that’s solved of course, just like in those ads lol)!

Only in Singapore — Clear Your Table or Risk a Fine!

Bear with me, I’m not veering off topic. You will soon see why…

In Singapore, where I live, recently a new ruling was enforced to get all diners at public eating places to co-operate in the return of crockery, cutlery and stuff after the meal is done. The premise being leaving a clean table for others to use.

Don’t do that and you risk a fine if caught by enforcement officers.

So we are often reminded by notices and sorts to abide. Like this large sticker on the food tray I had used, which can’t be missed!

Looking beyond the obvious messaging, I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of 5-letter words in that exhortation! Yea, that’s how deelply hooked on Wordle I am 🙂

Subtle reminder sticker on food tray to clear the table after a meal
Do you see what I saw? Yes, Wordle words were staring back at me!

WittyCulus Wordle 1 — My First Wordle Creation is Born

A neat Wordle with a clear message, don’t you think?

And so, that WittyCulus mind of mine got to work… but lightly, in the background.

This afternoon, with pen and paper, I ventured into forming my first-ever (solved) Wordle puzzle with inspiration from that very sticker lol

Then with my limited Excel skills, out came the coloured rendition of WittyCulus Wordle 1.

Here it is, filled with words portraying a consistent message that lends support to the clean-up-or-get-fined rule…

What do you think of my Wordle? (For me, I’m pleasantly fired up!)

And have you made any of your own? Do share your Wordle creations here for all to celebrate 🙂

At least, now the hooked ones amongst us have a new creative outlet lol.

Play on, Wordle solvers… and then some!

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