Mark's Wordle 227 solved in 3 moves
Wordle 227 – Feb 1st

Answer to Wordle 227: THOSE

Number of guesses: 3

Progression of clues:

  • 1 + 1
  • 2 + 1
  • 5

Step-by-Step Replay of Wordle 227 Puzzle

Guess #1

I do not have a particular method to choose the starting word, in all honesty. Nope, not gonna get hung up about using the best word every time; I’d rather enjoy solving the puzzle without such pressure 🙂 TIMER came to mind, so that’s it lol.

Guess #2

Now, if E were in the middle position, possibilities for the second space could be A(?), E, H, O, S(?), U, W. The end letter is likely D, E, F, G (with N preceding), H(?), K, L, N, O, S, T, W, X(?), Y. Hmm, not going anywhere with this, really — I’m thinking too much! Let’s just try some new letters: SHOWN.

Guess #3

Not bad, now we have 3 letters in correct places, the E at the end, leaving the S to come before E! The answer must be THOSE 🙂

Mark's solution for Wordle 227
How I solved Wordle 227 on Feb 1st

Yay, nailed today’s Wordle in 3 moves.

Wonder if any player did it in two… and how?

Feel free to share your approach to solving Wordle puzzle #227.

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