Mark's Wordle 232 solved in 6 moves
Wordle 232 – Feb 6th

Answer to Wordle 232: SKILL

Number of guesses: 6 (ouch!)

Progression of clues:

  • 0 + 1
  • 1 + 2
  • 2 + 1
  • 4
  • 1
  • 5

Step-by-Step Replay of Wordle 232 Puzzle

Guess #1

TEARS is what I’ll try tonight as first guess.

Guess #2

In one stroke, 4 common letters are dropped! With 3 vowels left to figure out, SOLID seems a fair word to attempt.

Guess #3

Yay, got another 2 letters in play with the S locked as first letter. Have an inkling that I is in the middle; perhaps a double L follows? That will mean words like SHILL, SKILL, SPILL, SWILL. What about SLI__ for SLICK and SLIMY? I like that last one lol.

Guess #4

Indeed that double L idea is correct! Now it is gonna be a matter of luck what the second letter is… SHILL would tilt towards uncommon words being favoured 🙂

Guess #5

Nah, that didn’t work out! I have 2 moves left with 3 possibilities for the missing letter — do I risk going out empty or take the safe route? The latter will trigger painting bar #6 in my Wordle stats but keep a win. Dilemma here? Not really, safeguarding the winning streak makes sense. SWOOP will be the filter I’ll use.

Guess #6

And that leaves SKILL as the right answer to Wordle 232 🙂 I saw Wordle “let out” a PHEW with that last move!

Mark's gameplay for Wordle 232
Poorly played; squandered opportunties to eliminate letters sooner and with certainty!

Two observations about the poor performance just now:

  1. Following my instinct about the double-L possibility would have led to a better place. In fact, exploring that idea would have allowed me to test for H, K and P on the third move! And bought me a chance to stay within 4 guesses.
  2. When the third guess confirmed the presence of two L’s, I should have done the filter test (as outlined in point 1) instead of guessing. I did worse leaning on my bias of uncommon words being favoured! There was no need to risk it till the very last move.

It is interesting what I can learn about myself from just this one round of word guessing game. My takeaway is: learn to remain less absorbed in the moment, be mindful to consider other parts of the same picture.

Something along the lines of “Do not miss the woods for the trees” 🙂

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