Wordle 237 is up next… let’s get to it 🙂

Read on to see how I tackled the word puzzle of the day, putting on that WittyCulus thinking hat!

Mark's Wordle 237 solved in 4 moves
Wordle 237 – Feb 11th

Answer to Wordle 237: ULCER

Number of guesses: 4

Progression of clues:

  • 0 + 1
  • 0 + 1
  • 0 + 4
  • 5

Step-by-Step Replay of Wordle 237 Puzzle

Guess #1

STEAD comes to mind, for a balanced test of vowels and frequently used consonants.

Guess #2

Only vowel E seen; will check three others with OPIUM.

Guess #3

One more vowel, U, showed up. Seeing CUBER, RULER, BURLEFLUKE even; gotta filter some! Trying CURLY.

Guess #4

Hey, all 5 letters revealed now but none in correct place. Some unscrambling… and we have ULCER!

Mark's gameplay for Wordle 237
All things considered, this looks like a good game 🙂

Didn’t see that one coming, earlier on 🙂 Lol.

I’m happy with how today’s Wordle puzzle was handled. Took a bird’s eye view rather than being myopic and fixated.

And I’ve kept my word to keep the commentary short; but still able to convey my thoughts as I play. Trust that this will stand you in good stead, should you be new to Wordle and need a bit of hand holding 🙂

How did you fare in Wordle puzzle 237? Which word did you start guessing with?

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