I plan to stick with testing… and it’s gonna get serious from Wordle 7 on.

But I will not harp on that topic much longer. Don’t want to sound like a broken record 🙂

Mark's Wordle 7 solved in 5 moves
Wordle 7 – Jun 26th 2021

Answer to Wordle 7: EVADE

Number of guesses*: 5

*in WittyCulus Challenge Mode

Progression of clues:

  • 0 + 1
  • 0 + 3
  • 0 + 1
  • 1
  • 5

Played on Feb 9th 2022 via Wordle Archive

Step-by-Step Replay of Wordle 7 Puzzle

Guess #1

The first guess for today’s puzzle has been fixed as FOCAL.

Guess #2

A lone A shows up, but at the wrong place. ADIEU has the remaining vowels to try weeding out, so let’s go.

Guess #3

Now we’ve got 3 letters revealed; but A is still floating. R, S, T, N are the next letters to test, thus RENTS will do just fine. Incidentally, GRADE came to mind while pondering words ending with ADE.

Mark's gameplay for Wordle 7
Once again, testing yielded good results – Wordle 7 was completed in 5 moves.

Guess #4

Wow, no shows for those 4 common letters! I can see BADGE as a strong possibility, but MADGE might get in the way. I believe there is such a word as PADGE too. And I know just what to do — test! 🙂 Trying GRAMP

Guess #5

Holy cow! Only managed to lock the A with move #4? But that’s ok, it is all crystal clear now — I’m seeing EVADE as the answer!


It pays to test, really; not guess anyhowly (that’s a Singlish word, btw lol).

For I should know 🙂

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