Happy Lunar New Year to all Wordle fans out there!

Yesterday, I decided that I should start writing about my new love: this simple yet fun word game.

Specifically, I wanted to put down the thoughts going through my mind while I attempt to solve each daily Wordle.

How Am I Doing So Far Playing Wordle?

Mark's Wordle stats after 17 games
So far, I’m solving most Wordles in 4 guesses. How are you doing?

I recently discovered Wordle by chance via Google search suggestions.

That’s like a fortnight ago, I think. So, how am I doing?

Distribution of Guesses

My game stats so far look like this…

  • Games played: 17
  • Fewest guesses: 3
  • Most guesses: 5
  • Median score: 4 guesses

But if I should be so lucky, I know I can start to grow bar 2 a bit!

For now, how do my numbers compare with Wordle players in the word puzzle community out there?

I happen to be the curious sort 🙂

A Colourful History of Past Wordles

So, here are the Wordle-grams (is there a name for those coloured grid boxes?) for the past 15 games prior to today’s. I’ve shared these on WhatsApp and Messenger to a private group, so I could screenshoot them to create a day-by-day flow.

Mark's Wordle 211 solved in 4 moves
#1 Wordle 211 – Jan 16th
Mark's Wordle 213 solved in 3 moves
#2 Wordle 213 – Jan 18th
Mark's Wordle 214 solved in 4 moves
#3 Wordle 214 – Jan 19th
Mark's Wordle 215 solved in 4 moves
#4 Wordle 215 – Jan 20th
Mark's Wordle 216 solved in 4 moves
#5 Wordle 216 – Jan 21st
Mark's Wordle 217 solved in 3 moves
#6 Wordle 217 – Jan 22nd
Mark's Wordle 2178 solved in 4 moves
#7 Wordle 218 – Jan 23rd
Mark's Wordle 219 solved in 5 moves
#8 Wordle 219 – Jan 24th
Mark's Wordle 220 solved in 4 moves
#9 Wordle 220 – Jan 25th
Mark's Wordle 221 solved in 4 moves
#10 Wordle 221 – Jan 26th
Mark's Wordle 222 solved in 4 moves
#11 Wordle 222 – Jan 27th
Mark's Wordle 223 solved in 3 moves
#12 Wordle 223 – Jan 28th
Mark's Wordle 224 solved in 4 moves
#13 Wordle 224 – Jan 29th
Mark's Wordle 225 solved in 4 moves
#14 Wordle 225 – Jan 30th
Mark's Wordle 226 solved in 3 moves
#15 Wordle 226 – Jan 31st

Ah, so I started playing Wordle on Jan 16th with puzzle #211. Somehow, I had forgotten to play the very next day — could have been the midnight timing (at which time a new daily puzzle becomes available) haven’t quite sunk in lol.

Getting Serious Now with Wordle… and Having a Great Time!

I am currently at my 17th game — how I’ve guessed the word in 3 moves and the solution for Wordle 227 is now up online.

With this marking my first blog entry (technically second if we count this Wordle intro), I envisage a long affair with this addicitve word puzzle. Yup, I’m hooked on Wordle!

And I hope you will find this latest WittyCulus venture interesting, a fun daily read perhaps 🙂

Happy Wordle gaming everybody. Have a great one, each day!

Plus don’t forget to share your bold Wordle conquests on WittyCulus.com 😉

Aside: Getting Back into WordPress After a Long Break

I have not updated WittyCulus.com for a good 4 years plus!

Thus, I found myself having to migrate WordPress from Ver 4.9 to the current 5.9. That required backing up this website — good thing there is a guide provided in the WP admin pages. Not a trivial task; but not daunting either.

I know that the Gutenberg block editor debutted with the release of WordPress 5. While the concept of block editing isn’t exactly new to me, having played with some WP themes from Elegant Themes before, I’m not fully ready to use the 5.0’s editor in earnest.

So, let’s see how it goes with this post and the next few…

I’m also thinking about changing the WP theme for this site from the dated Suffusion theme to a more modern block-based one, but it does look like this (major job) could wait a bit. Phew!

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