Merry Christmas, everyone 🙂

It’s been a long, long, long while since my last post on abalone. And yes, in a couple of months it’s that time of year again to indulge in the springy shellfish. Yes!

I digressed.

So, you might have thought WittyCulus had closed shop. Well, I certainly did take an extremely — and quite unplanned — super stretch of time off. But no, we are pretty much alive here — this is (one of) my blog(s) after all. Precious web property, this!!

Talking about blogs, say, do you have your own? Don’t know how to get one going? No time? Not sure if you could write? Well, come on, you can do it. Just like I’ve done here. If all else fails, just copy what I do here. Er, I don’t mean to go plagiarize my content — the Big G search engine don’t like that and won’t recognize your “effort” if you do so!

Ok, if you are really not as inspired yet to start your blog, how about just reading the rest of this post and also sing along. That you can do, right?

Anyway, I was hit by a bolt of WittyCulus whirls-in-the-head at about lunch time and quickly got this “Blog Free” song parody penned. Enjoy 😉

Blog free, tell the world your story
Be yourself quite simply
Just write and follow your heart

It’s free — won’t cost you a dollar
Just sign up on Blogger
And you can begin to type

Say free, who cares if they deride you
But don’t be that bitch or jerk
Be thoughtful with each word

Blog free, greet life as it unfolds
We’d follow where it goes
When you blog free

(instrumental break)

Say free — tell it like it should be
Don’t have your story untold
Regrets when you are old

Blog free, be true to the last word
Keep going till you’re heard
Then you’d blog for a fee 🙂


Like the twist on that last line? Well, it’s absolutely true that many bloggers are getting paid for their writing, be it through ads on their websites, paid advertorials, guest posts and the like. You too can start doing so if you have a bit of flair for the written word and can be committed to pursue this seriously. Not like me though, taking long breaks on end, lol.

“Born Free” was first recorded by Matt Monro and released as a single in 1966. It had since become a classic and has been covered by Andy Wiliams, Frank Sinatra and a few others.

Just in case you don’t know the tune of the song, watch and listen to this Youtube video:

Song Details

Title: Born Free

Written by: John Barry, Don Black

Recorded by: Matt Monro (1966). Made popular by Andy Williams

Released on: unknown label, 1966

Produced by: info not available

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