In the past, I never bothered about music when I exercised. Be it in the gym or out and about, I did my workouts light, sans music gear — it was just me and them exercises. But of late — [… more]

Now, I hardly write about people; much less anyone in the local scene. However, this “cross-over” TV artiste, who’d also sang, was seen getting considerable attention of both media and public. In the space of a few weeks, Rui En [… more]

So I have decided to play with abalone. No, I’m not playing with food, not when it’s such expensive stuff. I’ve come up with an acronym for ABALONE — did you notice it in the title of this post? Wittyculus-ly [… more]

There was this segment on our local radio show called “5 Things”. It was part of the morning programme at Gold 90.5FM, hosted by DJ Hamish Brown. Every weekday, Hamish would dish out five things about a particular topic, either [… more]