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Hey there, this is Mark Heng from Singapore, creator and owner of this WittyCulus.com website.

Here’s how we can stay in touch:
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I am leaving this page blank (almost) until I get some inspiration on what to write. Meanwhile, check out the Welcome post for an idea of my contemplation for this site.


Ok, that was before. Today, on November 18th, 2012, I added my photo and wrote a bit more about why I established presence online and laid claim to a little of cyberspace…

It started out as a project to learn what’s out there on the Internet, sort of an effort to stay relevant with the times. No, I don’t belong to the generation that’s out of touch with technology and somewhat hesitant to embrace it. Quite the contrary, I am a bit of a tech nut myself, having dabbled in hardware design, software programming and interfaces in between.

Still, it was intriguing to discover what Earthlings are doing in ‘Net space. With a billion things happening there each day, it can be extremely scary for the uninitiated. Even for those who appear to be in the loop, being overwhelmed is often an understatement. One has to (learn to) look beyond the many distractions online to really benefit from this gem that is the Internet.

And so I digressed. Before WittyCulus.com was created, I did have fun creating blogs on Blogger like many other people have done. It was super easy; in fact, there are only 3 steps to do to get started. But somehow, I moved away as I learned about WordPress and self-hosted domains. Perhaps, it was vanity to have a .com named after whatever I like, and not some “second class” xyz.blogspot.com.

Anyway, the thought of setting up a website where I get to write about stuff is certainly thrilling. Stuff that I think is witty, funny, obscure, whatever. For me, once in a while, inspiration hits and creative juices start flowing, sending the mind into a whirl. And out comes bits and pieces of wisecracks, play with words, song parodies — fun things with a certain twist to it. Now I have a place to record these thoughts.

Our local comedy spoof of English news reporting — aptly called “The Noose” — with its leading lady (the famed and talented Michelle Chong) really was how I got inspired enough to start this blog. You can see in my welcome post that I was enamored of her. If you need a good dose of wit, this is the show to watch!

If you’ll pardon my little bit of self indulgence, even the name WittyCulus is witty in itself — it has an acrostic that says: We intend to tease your Consciousness until laughter unveils silliness. I do hope that some of the posts may crack you up and have you going bonkers. It’s more than the usual LOL or ROTFL; maybe we can call it WTCL.

As I looked for things to write about, I started to bring in some Maths topics which I had liked when I was younger, especially those from the days when I started to explore computer programming. Such as the fascination with searching for Pythagorean triplets and prime numbers. Even calculating Pi to many, many decimal places; I did do about 4000 digits with some nifty Z80 assembly language programming.

That was pre-IBM PC, before MS-DOS, a time when the “Internet” was still ARPANET. And I was 14, and with a few friends, we were at the forefront of emerging technologies and lapping them all up. We had a natural flair for those things; indeed we could have been a rare breed of budding engineers as such. Those were the days; simple days compared to now…

Now that you know why I talk about Maths, blog posts with photos shouldn’t be hard to understand. A picture can speak a thousand words and sometimes if you look hard, you may uncover some humour (or wit) which a casual observer might just miss. You see, even signboards can tickle you silly with their queer English messages emblazoned on them for all to see (and laugh at?). Like in this hairy situation.

Then, there are posts which are inspired by my children, who I hope will rub off a little from this old block. Like this cute one about singular and plural words. There’s even a page on books I’ve read recently; sometimes, these turn out to be sources of inspiration as well. Lately, I was thinking about adding something about my cooking — I’m just too lazy to start another personal blog like this…

Hmm, it looks like this About page is a hodgepodge introduction of WittyCulus.com and its creator. Maybe I will edit this in a while, but for now it’ll have to do.