Step aside, waxing! Make way for a revolutionary method to get rid of “excessive” hair. How? With air, that’s how!

Is this just some hot air about great ideas still being cooked in the lab? Or is this for real? You be the judge…

Apparently, it was advertised in plain sight as an added value for a hair salon’s services. And you can actually try it for a mere S$10. (Nope, this is not a paid ad.)

Hair salon signboard showing 'excessive hair' wordings

I don’t know of people with excessive hair, but I’m sure they’ll breathe a sigh of relief to learn that there is hope yet for their hairy situation. This modern world that we live in never fails to surprise, don’t you think?

Go on, share this post with your friends: Pin it, tweet it, like it, link to it, etc. Don’t be airresponsible — do help those who are suffering unduly from other forms of hair removal.

Once the word gets out, perhaps these lines will soon be just as oft-quoted:

To have hair is human
To have excessive, deviant

Now, don’t be an airhead. Be WittyCulus and have a good laugh. As the evergreen song goes, “Laugh is in the hair…” 🙂


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