My third set of previous Wordle puzzles solved ten at a time — Wordle 41 through 50 — is now live. I would want to think I had gone at these games as a seasoned player, solving them in 4 [… more]

This is my second attempt at solving old Wordle puzzles ten at one go, under the WittyCulus Wordle Challenge mode I devised out of the blue. With the answer from one game, e.g. Wordle 30, acting as the starting word [… more]

I can now focus my effort to solve all previous word puzzles from Wordle 21 up to 210. A few days back, I decided to move away from live games as Wordle is deemed gone. Not something taken lightheartedly, but [… more]

Was on my mobile phone just now, getting ready to play today’s live word puzzle Wordle 243. When I tapped on the Chrome tab (which was displaying yesterday’s solved game), I got a blank screen instead of a new game [… more]

OMG, I’ve forgotten to play Wordle 241! While finishing up my gameplay post on today’s Wordle, I realised that yesterday’s puzzle was left out. Not omitted from publication, but completely missed out. As in I did not even touch it [… more]

I’m back in the game with Wordle 242 🙂 Can’t believe that I actually forgot to play game #241 yesterday 🙁 Luckily, Wordle Archive allows me a chance to go at it, albeit the result won’t be included in my [… more]

In this second set of five-puzzle game play (spanning Wordle 16 through 20), a WittyCulus idea struck me as I begun the first game. I thought about weaving a story around each and every move, and from one puzzle to [… more]

Wordle 240 falls on Valentine’s Day — today is the 14th of February. Especially for word puzzle fans who are truly in love with Wordle, this day may indeed be a special one lol. Today’s game is not one of [… more]

It’s not luck at all when clues add up to point you to the correct word, as seen in how I solved Wordle 239 here. Sometimes, the letters just fall in place by both appearing and not showing at certain [… more]

In Wordle 238, we see how a less-considered move (played as guess #3) cost the game slightly 🙁 A Wordle done in 3 moves this would have been… Haiz. Answer to Wordle 238: ULTRA Number of guesses: 4 Progression of [… more]