It’s not luck at all when clues add up to point you to the correct word, as seen in how I solved Wordle 239 here.

Sometimes, the letters just fall in place by both appearing and not showing at certain locations… and almost magically you will see the answer right there!

Mark's Wordle 239 solved in 3 moves
Wordle 239 – Feb 13th

Answer to Wordle 239: ROBIN

Number of guesses: 3

Progression of clues:

  • 1 + 1
  • 0 + 1
  • 5

Step-by-Step Replay of Wordle 239 Puzzle

Guess #1

I will go with RAISE as first guess.

Guess #2

Ok, the word begins with R and we have (at least?) one I in there. How about CLOUD to filter remaining vowels?

Guess #3

With the O showing, I’m thinking of ROBIN.

Mark's gameplay for Wordle 239
When certain letters can’t be at certain locations, a hard look might see the solution popping up!

Great catch! Nice feeling of accomplishment there 🙂

That’s what an educated guess looks like imho. By looking hard at where letters can’t be placed (from available clues) and their possible combinations (when placed elsewhere), sometimes the word reveals itself!

Yup, the answer might just pop up 🙂 Lol.

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