Just now, I was singing the Do-Re-Mi solfege song (from The Sound of Music) to my son when inspiration struck on the second line. The first word on this line, “Ray”, reminded me of a friend who is getting married in July. Yea, Raymond and Stephanie are tying the knot 😉

So off I went tweaking the lyrics in my head, and this is what came up after a few hours of juggling:

Dough — A year, how much my dear? [1]
Ray and Steph will wed next month [2]
Mee, pasta or char kway teow? [3]
Fart? “It’s not me, he’s the one.” [4]
So, The Noose has gone off air [5]
Leticia, we’ll miss you so [6]
Pee — Baby just wet the bed [7]
Life’s like that, enjoy the show [8]

Let me briefly share my take on each line, as annotated by the numbers in brackets:

  • [1] Don’t you always get asked this — how much do you earn? Such incessant questions and ensuing comparisons are so lame. C’mon, get a life!
  • [2] My heartiest congrats, my friends. And thanks for the inspiration 😉
  • [3] It used to be char kway teow and wanton mee, but we have taken easily to spaghetti and other Italian food just as well. Effect of affluence, or just plain need for foreign tastes? Anyway, what to eat is sometimes a 64-million-dollar question
  • [4] Eh, why you so like dat, ah? (Have a listen to this song with the same name) It’s never me, but always someone else. Maybe it’s the onions; ya, that’s it, it’s them onions.
  • [5] Sad. My “pavourite” show has just ended another season and the stunning and talented Michelle Chong — aka Adrianna Wow, Leticia, Barbarella, Nina Goodwood, Mdm Nancy Goh and Lulu — is nowhere to be seen. Except on Youtube…

  • [6] “Kud morning mum, kud morning sir. I’m Leticia and I um ar made”. Ya, you’ll surely be missed, our “paymous” celebrity maid.
  • [7] This line might look strange, but it is actually inspired from a joke I read yesterday. Here it is, have a good laugh…
    • At age 4, success is… not peeing in your pants.
    • At age 12, success is… having friends.
    • At age 16, success is… having a driver’s license.
    • At age 20, success is… having sex.
    • At age 35, success is… having money.
    • At age 50, success is… having money.
    • At age 60, success is… having sex.
    • At age 70, success is… having a driver’s license.
    • At age 75, success is… having friends.
    • At age 90, success is… not peeing in your pants.
  • [8] Isn’t life full of these? Events and memories; questions and answers; decisions and choices; love and regrets; wishes and contemplation; … It’s really up to you how you want it, but never forget to look at life’s lighter side. You’d find it WittyCulus 🙂

Watch the video clip below, in which Julie Andrews sang Do-Re-Mi. It will surely bring back nice memories for some of you. Pardon the poor quality though, as too many people have watched it numerous times… (Eh, just kidding la; original videos on Youtube are sometimes hard to come by.)

Song Details

Title: Do-Re-Mi

Music by: Richard Rodgers

Lyrics by: Oscar Hammerstein II

Sung by: Julie Andrews (in the 1965 film musical “The Sound of Music”)

First production: Broadway, 1959

How about an “updated” version at a Belgian train station? Very nice too!

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