Our family was walking to the bus interchange to catch a bus ride home, with sonny boy slightly ahead of the rest. As he reached the traffic lights with the green man flashing, I was about to call out to him to wait up when the chorus of “Don’t Go” (heard of the duo “Yazoo” from the 1980’s?) popped into my head. You never can know when inspiration will strike…

And so this WittyCulus mind went to work fast and thought up these two lines to accompany that catchy synthpop chorus:

When you’re at the traffic lights
No Papa, Mama by your side
Don’t go!

The young one was quite amused and we tried to play around for more such lyrics fun. Meanwhile, I searched Youtube on my mobile for that Yazoo song and let him listen to its chorus. Our bus came shortly and as we were boarding at the bus bay, another bolt of freshness flashed by…

When bus arrives at the bay
But you got no money to pay
Don’t go!

Back to talking about the flashing green man on the traffic lights and bingo! We scored a turkey with this:

When the lights show flashing man
Don’t cross as fast as you can
Don’t go!

And not too long afterwards, we’re home, sweet home, and feeling very much tickled 🙂 I’m quietly confident these few lines of parody will stick around for a little while more for their messages to sink in. Now, who says you can’t have fun learning serious stuff, like being more mindful in this case?


Yazoo (aka Yaz in the US) is a British synthpop duo, formed in late 1981 by former Depeche Mode songwriter Vince Clarke (synthesizer) and Alison Moyet (vocals).

“Don’t Go” can grow on you very fast. It’s from the electro-pop era when songs have very catchy tunes that can continue to play in the head. Have a listen to see if it gets you…

Can’t stop now, don’t you know
I ain’t never gonna let you go
Don’t go

Tip: The chorus starts at around the 0:33 time mark, first time around.

Song Details

Title: Don’t Go

Written by: Vince Clarke

Recorded by: Yazoo

Released on: Mute Records (in UK) / Sire Records (in US), 1982

Produced by: Eric Radcliffe, Daniel Miller and Vince Clarke

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