Hi, this is Mark Heng. Welcome to my WittyCulus.com website.

First, I’d like to tell you what our domain name WittyCulus.com means. “Witty” is just as it suggests, while “culus” is a contraction of the word “oculus”, meaning an eye. So, our website is about having an eye for wit.

Next, we look at the blog header which displays the title “Mark Heng’s Punny Wit Cite“. I do enjoy playing with words, so I thought I would have fun starting at the very top. (Slight pun here: the title is at the very top).

Let me share how those words came about:

  • Punny — This is a play on the word “funny”, inspired by Ms Leticia, the Celebrity Maid of “The Noose” fame, a local TV show [see footnote]. I so like Michelle Chong (who plays Leticia and other characters too) as she is simply versatile. Wow! (This last word has special significance, for those who follow the TV show…) Punny also means “involving or related to puns”, which is what I like and do sometimes.
  • Wit — Yup, that’s the foundation of this blog. Wit can amuse and exude pleasure; it’s not just about astuteness and ingenuity. This word is also a play on the word “website” when combined with the next word.
  • Cite — Sounding like “site”, it is intended to be used together with the previous word to connote “website”. Cite also means “to quote”, which gives me an outlet for the creative juices that flow and inspiration that hits me sometimes.

So, welcome again, to Mark Heng’s Funny Website.

What I hope to do here is share my enjoyment of poking fun at English, changing song lyrics to fit other contexts, word play like anagrams and palindromes, peculiarities in maths, etc. And funny stuff in general.

I decided to start today when another inspiration hit me just a few hours ago. I don’t know how often I will post, as inspiration is not something you can schedule. There is some “backlog” (of unpublished stuff) which should keep this place busy for a while.

Enuf said. It’s my wish that you have fun when you’re here at this blog. And while doing that, don’t be ridiculous. Be WittyCulus!


What is “The Noose”?

“The Noose” is a hilarious half-hour Singaporean spoof modelled after the country’s formal English TV news bulletin. Notice the word “noose” is a play on the word “news”. And as they always disclaim in the show, “Any similarities to actual events or people are purely coincidental.” (As if.)

Watch the video clip below and enjoy a past episode of laughter and a dig at Singapore’s English news:

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