This “special edition” is written to lend support to this year’s “Speak Good English Movement”, which was launched yesterday. is founded on good English and I’m proud of this. Without it, it will indeed be difficult to communicate many [… more]

Barry Gibb, founding member of The Bee Gees and elder brother to Robin, posted a link on his Twitter two days ago. This goes to a YouTube video that is a montage in memory of Robin Gibb. The song in [… more] is saddened by the passing on of Robin Gibb, founding member of The Bee Gees, our all-time favorite pop group. Robin died on Sunday, May 20th, after battling with cancer and intestinal surgery**. He was in a coma recently [… more]

Hi, this is Mark Heng. Welcome to my website. First, I’d like to tell you what our domain name means. “Witty” is just as it suggests, while “culus” is a contraction of the word “oculus”, meaning an eye. [… more]