This play on song lyrics was inspired by recent changes to Google’s search algorithm, widely known as the Panda/Farmer update in the Internet Marketing circles.

On Feb 24th, 2011, Panda was rolled out into [Note: Panda is now in all English versions of Google worldwide.] Immediately, many sites saw their rankings on search results pages (SERPs) change, with a substantial number dropping off into near oblivion. Check out the latest Panda-induced damage update, if you’d like.

So, guess what did one Internet Marketer sing to another, when both were shocked that their website rankings dropped due to Panda? How about this:

You and I must make a pact
We must get our rankings back
So when they Google, we’ll be there

Day time, night time, in between
Google, Yahoo, AOL, Bing
Rank one on page one, we are there

The second verse was contributed by fellow IM peer, Rebecca Chew — thanks, Reb.

The song in question is “I’ll Be There”, first recorded by The Jackson 5 in 1970 and some twenty-plus years later by Mariah Carey. You can listen to the song in the video below. Try and sing along with the first 2 verses — it’d be fun!

Song Details

Title: I’ll Be There

Written by: Berry Gordy, Bob West, Hal Davis and Willie Hutch

Recorded by: The Jackson 5

Released on: Motown Records, 1970

Produced by: Berry Gordy, Bob West, Hal Davis and Willie Hutch

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