It looks like readers are warming up to alliterations quickly and having fun. I know Rebecca Chew is, and here’s the witty composition she sent me about 12 hours ago:

Wittcyculus webmaster works wonder waking washed-out workers with witty wacky Wittyculus words!

Thanks plenty, Rebecca, for your superb contribution and compliment. I sure hope wash-out workers wake up fresh with some light witty fun here 😉

Wow, what a mouthful. It’s perhaps the longest alliteration (12 words) I’ve seen that’s yet published (well, now it is at As prompted by Rebecca, this could also be a tongue twister — try saying her allit fast and see if you make it to the end in one breath with no trip ups.

In case inspiration comes knocking for you and you find yourself penning alliterations, you are welcome to send them to me at I will consolidate contributions (allit!) and post them here appropriately.

Now, I am wonder if it’d be easy to create alliterations that are palindromic. On first thought, it seems very difficult as choice of alliterated letters are restrictive, since the phrase or sentence must end with a word that has the alliterated letter at its end.

But who knows, there are lots of witty people out there… Be WittyCulus, that’s our call.

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