I’ve about had it with Internet Marketing! Er, does it mean I’m giving up? On the contrary, I’m throwing out old-style IM methods and exploring new ones, especially after big G rolled out those game-changing Panda updates (and continues to). Read this SEOmoz article to find out what Panda affects.

It’s heartening to see that quality is finally starting to triumph and trounce junk. I strongly believe in delivering top-grade content to my visitors and have been working hard at this. But such efforts seemed to be easily defeated by those machine-generated content-spinning sites. Or worse, copycat sites that plagiarize material of other websites…

As we embark on new plans for 2012, I am inspired by Abba’s “Happy New Year” to pen this Wittyculus parody. This “song” reflects how I feel about the current situation and how I view our new-found hope and direction. Reb, this one’s for you too 🙂

No more campaigns, our Aweber plans all fell through
Here we are: subs so few — What’s the cause, we’ve got no clue
Is it lack of good traffic, are our rankings just too poor?
Bad sales page, not compelling; Worthless gift? Don’t know for sure

Shift to new gear in the new year
May we have motivations now and then
Small successes here and there for me and friend

Shift to new gear, no need to fear
May we be determined in our will to try
Persevere till we reach that Kaching moment — you and I

Sometimes we search but low grade content is served by “G”
Still such sites somehow thrive at the expense of quality
Oh yes, many’s a fool lapping up those shiny objects
Push-button instant riches — indulging all your wishes
But why buy empty promises?

Shift to new gear in the new year
May we have strength to fight and stay focused
Ward off all distractions and hocus pocus

Shift to new gear, it’s time to hear
Be open to new ideas, new tools to try
Trash the old, forsake those unfair black hat ways — do or die

Seems to me now, post-Panda sun still shines so bright
Life goes on, stay committed as the big G takes its bite
It’s the end of poor SERPs: no more hitting daft websites
So unlike yesterday — online junk’s gone, hip hip hooray!
Long live quality, all the way

Shift to new gear in the new year
May we share high value-added content
In top ranking websites all built by hand

Shift to new gear, this is our year
Deliver great user experience
More visitors will bookmark; refer our sites — come back and buy


There you are: my two cents’ worth of Internet Marketing advice. I sincerely hope this will encourage struggling marketers and newbies out there to refocus their efforts — build high quality websites that put their visitors’ needs first and foremost. And save energy in trying to outsmart big G…

As they say: “Every dog has its day.” So us underdogs are feeling somewhat vindicated with the latest developments in the search scene led by the big G. We are hopeful that our efforts will eventually be rewarded handsomely as poor quality content gets weeded out. Long live quality, indeed.

Tip: You can listen to “Happy New Year” in the Abba video at my New Year post: “It’s 20:12 — New Year Came Early?”. Enjoy!

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