While typing in “Wordle” into Chrome for a casual search minutes ago, little did I expect the word “sold” to be associated with it.

As it turned out, a shocking news was discovered!

Yes, New York Times has bought the Wordle game from its inventor for a cool 7-figure sum!

Congratulations are definitely in order for Mr Josh Wardle for his win (and windfall) 🙂

Can Wordle Sold be Bad News for Players?

I reckon, but selfishly, this is actually a sad day for Wordle players everywhere.

Because NYT has plans to charge for playing Wordle in the future, in order to boost their online subscriptions!

To think that just a day ago I’d decide to start writing about how I’m eagerly solving daily Wordle puzzles

What lousy timing I have!

Update: There’s news on how Wordle gamers have reacted towards NYT taking over the game, as reported by Reuters.

Some Good News Has Emerged…

The connected digital world doesn’t stop spinning!

It seems that someone has now found a way to continue playing Wordle for free, for the foreseeable “lifetime” of the game.

As it turned out, one can save the Wordle puzzle game as an offline copy, ready to play as and when a new day begins. Just like the online version.

And it gets better…

Apparently, all the words to be guessed are embedded right into the code which is downloaded to the PC (for offline play)! If you’re so inclined, you can do a file dump to have a look.

But why spoil the fun that way?

For now, I’m just content that we can all get our daily Wordle fix 🙂


Hooked on Wordle… But Life Goes On

While that bleak day may be imminent, never mind an outcome we cannot control. Let’s focus on the now and carry on playing Wordle, while it is still free to play.

Game on, Wordle sold or not! 🙂

Here is how I tackled Wordle 228 and my thoughts.

Yup, I continue to play… and look forward to cracking tomorrow’s mystery word at midnight.

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