“Save My World, Save My World” — These words and the song’s tune keeps looping in the head. With the incessant promo on TV of this Saving Gaia song, one can’t help but being brainwashed. Luckily, I still have my sanity and have decided to add a nice WittyCulus touch to this song.

The recent haze conditions troubling Singapore is a real concern for everyone. Not a day went by last 2 weeks without checking that PSI figure on TV and wondering when that fogginess will clear. At its height, the smell of the haze was enough to keep one indoors, not to mention the health hazards.

So I drew inspiration from the haze to parody the Saving Gaia song. And have decided to record myself singing it — it’s very raw; I’m hopeful it won’t be too much a torture on your ears. My younger boy joined me as the backing vocals in this ditty.

First, here are the lyrics to whet your appetite:

This is our air, we gotta care
No matter how small we are
Bro, we gotta protest

So let our Lion’s roar tell our Indon friends
“Don’t anyhow burn, hor”
We’re suffocatin’

Save my air, clear the air

As far as you can’t see
Particulates — poor air quality
There’s something very strong
Can you smell the haze?

We’re going to need (Yes, we all need)
N95 (Where can I buy?)
You’ve seen the PSI has gone so high to touch the sky

Clear the haze (for I can’t breathe)
Clear the haze (for I can’t see)
Clear the haze (It’s unhealthy)
Clear the haze
(Do something now)

No more haze (We want clean air)
No more haze (That’s only fair)
No more haze (as Dr JJ says…)
Stop barbecue today!

With that, you should be ready to enjoy the video and sing along…

While doing “research” on the song, I came across an interesting write-up which dissected Save My World. It’s over at Sam Ho’s blog where I learned much from his “Save my world, Saving Gaia, Saving music” post. Very technical; spills the beans about how people write music, plus his own views too. Definitely a topic that I’m very interested in!

Let’s see how my first (raw) singing video does on YouTube. Fingers crossed; have set a mental target of 10,000 likes and views. Support, lah! 😉

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