Wordle 4’s answer AWAKE feeds into the next puzzle in line. Let see how I fared in Wordle 5 under this constraint from my self-imposed Challenge.

Mark's Wordle 5 solved in 5 moves
Wordle 5 – Jun 24th 2021

Answer to Wordle 5: BLUSH

Number of guesses*: 5

*in WittyCulus Challenge Mode

Progression of clues:

  • 0
  • 0 + 1
  • 1 + 1
  • 2 + 2
  • 5

Played on Feb 9th 2022 via Wordle Archive

Step-by-Step Replay of Wordle 5 Puzzle

Guess #1

AWAKE tests for 2 vowels, can’t say it’s not a good word to start with… (As if I got a choice? This is Wordle solving in WittyCulus Challenge Mode!)

Guess #2

Nothing showing up; will test other vowels. What word has got T, R, I, O in it? Wait a sec, it’s staring right back at me! TRIOS is next.

Guess #3

With that, we can nearly deduce U is in there. But Wordle can always fool us with SYNCH, can’t it? Lol. I’m thinking the word could end in LY… and SULLY comes to mind. Will follow my instinct though and do SYNCH — this helps find the position of S and checks for likely letters N and Y.

Mark's gameplay for Wordle 5
Testing at move 4 filtered out FLUSH and PLUSH as answer; no wild guessing (and getting lucky)!

Guess #4

Okay, the unknown word looks like the __USH type. FLUSH, perhaps? Could be BLUSH or PLUSH too. Test, test, test… I remind myself! In goes BLURP as a filter, but Wordle ain’t taking it*!!! I’ll do FLUBS then.

Guess #5

And BLUSH it is!

Could have been a Wordle in 4 moves there, if Lady Luck were shining and I somehow chose BLUSH (instead of first mention FLUSH)!

But no, I think I did alright at guess #4 to filter out the P; and F too, by testing the B 🙂

Imagine: I could have gone with FLUSH – PLUSH – BLUSH and ended up with a solution using up all 6 guesses!

Test, test, test! I can still recall** my failed Wordle 2 — testing would have made a big difference in the outcome.

*Out of curiosity, why isn’t BLURP in Wordle’s dictionary? Where is its source of permissible words for guessing with?

**That WittyCulus mind of mine is whirling! Did I just spark an idea for a song parody, borrowing a phrase from ABBA’s “Our Last Summer”? I can still recall my failed Wordle, I can see it fall… it might actually go like this 🙂 Lol.

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