I’ve reached Wordle 6. Doing a quick recap before going into the game proper…

So far, we’ve seen Wordle words like REBUT, SISSY, HUMPH, AWAKE and BLUSH. These are answers to the first 5 Wordle games, which I reckon more fans out there haven’t played than have.

And in particular, I had chosen to use the solution from one puzzle to start off guessing of the next mystery word. What I’ve called my WittyCulus Wordle Challenge.

That is to say, the first guess at Wordle 2 had to be REBUT, which is the answer from Wordle 1.

Immediately, I had an epic fail in the first game under Challenge Mode!

Wordle 2 saw me arrive at the answer at guess #7, which is one move over the limit. All because I did some wild guessing, not going at it systematically and logically 🙁

I fared better at Wordles 3 to 5 though.

A key lesson was soon obvious: “Test, test, test!” is what I’ve called it.

It involves weeding out possible candidate letters logically and objectively; and early on too, since with the WittyCulus challenge we are essentially short of one move.

(Ok, maybe half a move, if that makes sense lol.)

But it seems I haven’t yet internalize the lesson in Wordle 6. What gives?

Mark's Wordle 6 solved in 6 moves
Wordle 6 – Jun 25th 2021

Answer to Wordle 6: FOCAL

Number of guesses*: 6

*in WittyCulus Challenge Mode

Progression of clues:

  • 0 + 1
  • 0 + 2
  • 0 + 1
  • 4
  • 4
  • 5

Played on Feb 9th 2022 via Wordle Archive

Step-by-Step Replay of Wordle 6 Puzzle

Guess #1

BLUSH, from Wordle 5 solution, isn’t unlikely to do much for a start.

Guess #2

RADIO should do better me thinks 🙂

Guess #3

3 letters revealed thus far, all at the wrong locations. I have not tested common letters E and T, so will try MEANT now.

Mark's gameplay for Wordle 6
Squandered a move in Wordle 6 with unfocussed guessing! Could’ve solved in 5 moves with testing…

Guess #4

Had an inkling for OFFAL just now, but seemed like a waste just checking the F. I’m now seeing VOCAL as more likely the answer.

Guess #5

Geez! That leaves the L to be repeated… and LOCAL is the word?

Guess #6

It is FOCAL, dummy! Lol 🙂

Could I have done better there?

I tend to think so. Why is that?

At move #4, I mentioned testing the F, then abruptly jumped to enter VOCAL as my guess. On hindsight, if VOCAL was a possibility, then I ought to have considered FOCAL and LOCAL as well!

Which then means a test to see if F, (extra) L or V is in the answer. Rather than guessing at will.

Hmm, so I’ve squandered the chance to complete Wordle 6 sooner, in 5 moves rather than 6!

From now on, I have to consciously and deliberately not make unfocussed moves.

Yes, it’s still “Test, test, test!” as the more reliable way forward.

Do you agree?

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