While solving Wordle 9, my fixed thinking led me down a path which precluded a more considered gameplay.

The lessons learnt should serve me well; for I will be mindful not to let this happen again!

Mark's Wordle 9 solved in 4 moves
Wordle 9 – Jun 28th 2021

Answer to Wordle 9: SERVE

Number of guesses*: 4

*in WittyCulus Challenge Mode

Progression of clues:

  • 0 + 1
  • 3
  • 0 + 1
  • 5

Played on Feb 10th 2022 via Wordle Archive

Step-by-Step Replay of Wordle 9 Puzzle

Guess #1

We are starting with the word NAVAL. Won’t be surprised if there is no hit.

Guess #2

Come on! This is the third time a V is inside the answer… and with this, it’s now been 3 times in a row!!! I won’t use LOUIS again; how about STOVE?

Guess #3

I like that — 3 letters fixed 🙂 Immediately I see SKIVE and SIEVE as possible solutions. Will enter MUSIC to test the I.

Mark's gameplay for Wordle 9
Guess #3 was a mistake arising from following a fixed train of thought! Should have tested R amongst other letters…

Guess #4

Wait a sec… I doesn’t exist in the hidden word?! Now I’m lost! Ok, a vowel has to precede VE; if not E, then Y perhaps. But is SKYVE a valid word? Wordle replied it isn’t, so what gives now? I don’t know any words fitting the S_EVE pattern; but all of a sudden I’m beating myself up! It is SERVE, silly old me!!!

Not quite a good game there, stalling at a mental roadblock created out of following a fixed train of thought!

As I look back, I realise I have played move #3 wrongly. The U can’t be in there, otherwise the word would be SUAVE.

A better test word is SKIVE, with a chance at winning in 3 guesses; and if no win, at least we will get to see if I and/or K are in play.

That would have been the calculated risk worth taking, instead of wasting a move outright.

Then again, I had locked myself in too soon going with what I “saw” (in SIEVE and SKIVE)! That blinded me to the R, which was not tested. I might not have entered SERVE in the third move when aware of other possibilities, but would have tried a word like MURKY instead of MUSIC.

Invaluable lessons learned there!

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