A Chinese couple at an European bar was slightly inebriated. They headed for the restrooms but stopped right outside and deliberated. Feeling tipsy and not knowing much English, they looked at each other and proceeded to the ladies. Question: Why [… more]

There was this segment on our local radio show called “5 Things”. It was part of the morning programme at Gold 90.5FM, hosted by DJ Hamish Brown. Every weekday, Hamish would dish out five things about a particular topic, either [… more]

May 15 2011

I thought up these 2 riddles just for WittyCulus fun. The answers may not be immediately obvious, but once you know them you may think they were staring you in the face. See if you can crack them… The Lee [… more]

My kids and I love Mickey Mouse so. My younger son takes Mickey to school in his bag or sometimes he (Mickey lah!) gets to ride in the car. The elder one is still keeping the first Mickey given to [… more]

Ask any child what “1 + 1” is, and without hesitation you’d get the answer “2”. Likewise, an adult will most definitely respond with the same. But if you think deeper, there are other answers that would be correct as [… more]

A guy walks into the psychiatrist office wearing nothing but shorts made from Saran Wrap. The psychiatrist says, “Well, I can clearly see your nuts.” Source: www.yourdictionary.com — one of the examples at the “Compound Puns” section. While you’re there, [… more]

How about wit in Mandarin? I must admit my Chinese is not as strong, but when it comes to word play, the joke is on the language, not on the writer. Read on and see if you agree. Question: What’s [… more]

It looks like readers are warming up to alliterations quickly and having fun. I know Rebecca Chew is, and here’s the witty composition she sent me about 12 hours ago: Wittcyculus webmaster works wonder waking washed-out workers with witty wacky [… more]

Answer: Well, nothing actually. Willie writes well (hint: the answer is in here as well). But the question is kinda weird — all words start with the same letter: “w”. Welcome to the world of alliterations and some writing fun. [… more]

Take a look at the numbers below. What do they have in common? Do they evoke a sense of “pleasure” when your eyes see them? 8778     6116     1771     9009     0880 * No lah, I am not [… more]