WittyCulus is at it again, parodying song lyrics. (My apologies that our Singlish Primer has taken a back seat since the haze started…) This time round, it’s a bit different and special: the words are inspired by and dedicated to an upcoming online F&B deals service called Spungry.

Meanwhile, my friends got to read it first on my Facebook wall:

Spungry hasn’t gone live yet, but it has the makings of becoming Singapore’s answer to Groupon. The brainchild of Joe Augustin — a well-known DJ at Gold 90.5 FM — and his partners, Spungry aims to please all parties: consumers pay only $1 to book a deal; merchants don’t pay commissions; Joe and gang build a strong online brand. You can learn more from this special write-up by Sublime Success.

Without further ado, here’s “No More Lonely Bites”, a play on that great Paul McCartney song titled “No More Lonely Nights”. I’m quietly hopeful that these lyrics would be a good contender for a Spungry theme song, if one is needed…

I can’t wait another day
To visit Spungry
They offer deals for meals galore
So easy on the pocket

And there’s “No More Lonely Bites”
(Eat together, eat together)
Whenever I’m hungry
Food buddies find each other online
Great company I can get

For I know where to go to eat right

Chorus A
No more lonely bites
No more lonely bites
Spungry is by my side
Day and night, it’s always there

May I never miss a deal
Those I really care for
I hate senseless promotions and spam
Why, big G was shown the door!

I will choose where to go to eat right

Chorus B
No more lonely bites (let’s all eat together)
No more lonely bites
Spungry is by my side
Day and night, it’s always there

Don’t need hungrygowhere
When there’s someone who cares
Brings me awesome deals to share…

(Guitar solo)

Yes, I know (it starts with “s”)
Where to go (“pun”)
To eat right (“gry”)

Repeat Chorus B, then Bridge twice

No more lonely bites, no more…

(Guitar solo till fade)


Here’s the remastered version of “No More Lonely Nights”, as seen on Youtube:

Song Details

Title: No More Lonely Nights

Written by: Paul McCartney

Recorded by: Paul McCartney

Released on: Parlophone/EMI (in UK) / Columbia (in US), 1984

Produced by: George Martin

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