This thing has been going around in my head for the past few days: “Grease is the word, is the word that you heard…” Actually, I think I have hit upon an excellent idea to parody this hot late 1970’s song, which is a familiar tune in my youth. Oops, there goes my age…

Since my last post on “No More Lonely Bites” trying to make a theme song for Spungry, the deals-for-meals online service is looking quite ready to launch. At this moment, Joe A. and Hiro K. are rounding up merchants, as seen on Facebook. I can’t wait for the launch…

So, step aside Groupon; though you are “big brother”, Spungry is (or soon will be) the word. Don’t believe? This is Spungry’s theme song, take two — just follow my WittyCulus lyrics and sing along 😉

Verse I
I solved my problem at this deal website
No more them spammy mails, get only meals I like
There is a chance it’ll take the world by storm
So check it out right now, hey it’s me you heard it from —
Spungry is the word

G keep on blasting at us day and night
Why don’t they get it, man, we’re the ones who decide
Show us some respect, learn how to delight
Quit being too pushy now lest we all hit “Unsubscribe”
Who’s got the last word?

Spungry is the word, is the word that you heard
It’s so cool, so happening
Enjoy your time and the place while you’re feasting
Spungry is why we all are winning

Verse II
We take back control and we turn away
Deluge of junk coupons — unwelcome; so passe
Manage your money, use the better way
Book any meal you want, only a dollar you’d pay
Spungry is the works

Repeat Chorus

This is not any illusion
Tell all your friends you found the solution — Spungry is here!

Repeat Verse II, then Chorus


Repeat Chorus

Spungry is the word, is the word, is the word… (till fade)


Did you know that “Grease” was written by Barry Gibb of The Bee Gees? Barry has written so many songs for other artistes, like “Emotion” for Samantha Sang (co-written with brother, Robin), “Carried Away” for ONJ (co-written with Albhy Galuten) and “(Our Love) Don’t Throw It All Away” (co-written with Blue Weaver) for his brother, Andy. That last one remains my all-time favourite Andy song!

The Bee Gees have also been instrumental in creating smash hits for some big stars — for example, Barbra Streisand (“Guilty” album; 3 songs co-written with Albhy) and Diana Ross (“Eaten Alive” album; title track co-written with Michael Jackson!, 2 songs with Andy Gibb, 1 song each with Albhy and George Bitzer).

And they went country with Kenny Rogers (“Eyes That See In The Dark” album; 2 songs co-written with Albhy). Very talented and versatile songwriters indeed. The list goes on, like “Immortality” for Canadian songbird Celine Dione, “I Will Be There” for Tina Turner, etc.

Meanwhile, here’s to the good old times as we relish Frankie Valli‘s #1 hit — “Grease” — on Youtube:

Song Details

Title: Grease

Written by: Barry Gibb

Recorded by: Frankie Valli

Released on: RSO / Polydor, 1978

Produced by: Louis St. Louis, John Farrar, Barry Gibb, Albhy Galuten & Karl Richardson

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