My friend and Internet Marketing buddy, Rebecca, is building a brand new website on juicing. As she is about to leave for a planned vacation, I was urging her yesterday to go live with her site and start counting the [… more]

“Yuanderbunena!” Some of you may have heard this Tamil-sounding word uttered in amusement, frequently as an exclamation. Somehow this “word” is associated with our favourite Indian food, the roti prata. 😉 In fact, many years ago I came across some [… more]

Just now, I was singing the Do-Re-Mi solfege song (from The Sound of Music) to my son when inspiration struck on the second line. The first word on this line, “Ray”, reminded me of a friend who is getting married [… more]

Quite a few years back, I read an investing book that said something so simple yet profound. Now, I can’t recall the title of this book, but the message stuck. In the book’s intro, the author mentioned that stocks are [… more]

This play on song lyrics was inspired by recent changes to Google’s search algorithm, widely known as the Panda/Farmer update in the Internet Marketing circles. On Feb 24th, 2011, Panda was rolled out into [Note: Panda is now in [… more]