Wow, Chinese New Year is fast approaching, with just 2 weeks to go. I remember last year we had fun parodying CNY songs on our WittyCulus Fan Page (, the likes of “Gong Xi Gong Xi” () and “Cai Shen [… more]

I’m sure you’ve seen companies with signboards in both the English and Chinese languages, in bi-lingual Singapore. Or watched their Chinese ads on TV. Funny thing though, some companies choose the Chinese words to mimic the sound of their English [… more]

Words can sometimes show a “connection” across different languages. Here are a few of these which I made up — they should delight if you enjoy playing with words and a pinch of WittyCulus pun. Do you know the Malay [… more]

It’s been nearly two months since I last posted, but not because there was a drought; rather I had been kinda lazy to write. At around our Chinese New Year (late January), I did mull over and wrote a couple [… more]

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not touting one language as superior to the other. But ’tis a catchy title, don’t you agree? What happens when you try to respond in Mandarin while thinking in English? With a little craft, standard [… more]

“Yuanderbunena!” Some of you may have heard this Tamil-sounding word uttered in amusement, frequently as an exclamation. Somehow this “word” is associated with our favourite Indian food, the roti prata. 😉 In fact, many years ago I came across some [… more]

A Chinese couple at an European bar was slightly inebriated. They headed for the restrooms but stopped right outside and deliberated. Feeling tipsy and not knowing much English, they looked at each other and proceeded to the ladies. Question: Why [… more]

Ask any child what “1 + 1” is, and without hesitation you’d get the answer “2”. Likewise, an adult will most definitely respond with the same. But if you think deeper, there are other answers that would be correct as [… more]

How about wit in Mandarin? I must admit my Chinese is not as strong, but when it comes to word play, the joke is on the language, not on the writer. Read on and see if you agree. Question: What’s [… more]