Step aside, waxing! Make way for a revolutionary method to get rid of “excessive” hair. How? With air, that’s how! Is this just some hot air about great ideas still being cooked in the lab? Or is this for real? [… more]

Our family was walking to the bus interchange to catch a bus ride home, with sonny boy slightly ahead of the rest. As he reached the traffic lights with the green man flashing, I was about to call out to [… more]

I’ve about had it with Internet Marketing! Er, does it mean I’m giving up? On the contrary, I’m throwing out old-style IM methods and exploring new ones, especially after big G rolled out those game-changing Panda updates (and continues to). [… more]

It’s 20:12 now and I want to be first to wish readers and everyone a Happy New Year 🙂 What, you say it is not time yet? Whoever is thinking you gotta wait for the countdown to midnight or sing [… more]

I was having lunch today at Aston Specialities when they played this catchy Bananarama song that goes “Only you can set me free, cause I’m guilty, …” Yes, that’s the hit single “Love in the First Degree”, written and recorded [… more]

My friend and Internet Marketing buddy, Rebecca, is building a brand new website on juicing. As she is about to leave for a planned vacation, I was urging her yesterday to go live with her site and start counting the [… more]

“Yuanderbunena!” Some of you may have heard this Tamil-sounding word uttered in amusement, frequently as an exclamation. Somehow this “word” is associated with our favourite Indian food, the roti prata. 😉 In fact, many years ago I came across some [… more]

Just now, I was singing the Do-Re-Mi solfege song (from The Sound of Music) to my son when inspiration struck on the second line. The first word on this line, “Ray”, reminded me of a friend who is getting married [… more]

Quite a few years back, I read an investing book that said something so simple yet profound. Now, I can’t recall the title of this book, but the message stuck. In the book’s intro, the author mentioned that stocks are [… more]