“Save My World, Save My World” — These words and the song’s tune keeps looping in the head. With the incessant promo on TV of this Saving Gaia song, one can’t help but being brainwashed. Luckily, I still have my [… more]

My wife made soup today; two types to be exact: watercress (西洋菜汤) and white fungus (雪耳润肺汤). As it was simmering on the kitchen stove, one pot beside the other, I was opening the lids occasionally to check the water level. [… more]

I was mopping the floor and was thinking about stuff to take boredom away from this household chore. Couldn’t help it but think of my recent post on upside-down Chinese and an idea for Chinese shorthand. And then it struck: [… more]

Wow, Chinese New Year is fast approaching, with just 2 weeks to go. I remember last year we had fun parodying CNY songs on our WittyCulus Fan Page (facebook.com/WittyCulus), the likes of “Gong Xi Gong Xi” () and “Cai Shen [… more]

Step aside, waxing! Make way for a revolutionary method to get rid of “excessive” hair. How? With air, that’s how! Is this just some hot air about great ideas still being cooked in the lab? Or is this for real? [… more]

Our family was walking to the bus interchange to catch a bus ride home, with sonny boy slightly ahead of the rest. As he reached the traffic lights with the green man flashing, I was about to call out to [… more]

It’s been nearly two months since I last posted, but not because there was a drought; rather I had been kinda lazy to write. At around our Chinese New Year (late January), I did mull over and wrote a couple [… more]

I’ve about had it with Internet Marketing! Er, does it mean I’m giving up? On the contrary, I’m throwing out old-style IM methods and exploring new ones, especially after big G rolled out those game-changing Panda updates (and continues to). [… more]

It’s 20:12 now and I want to be first to wish readers and everyone a Happy New Year 🙂 What, you say it is not time yet? Whoever is thinking you gotta wait for the countdown to midnight or sing [… more]

I was having lunch today at Aston Specialities when they played this catchy Bananarama song that goes “Only you can set me free, cause I’m guilty, …” Yes, that’s the hit single “Love in the First Degree”, written and recorded [… more]